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LHC 2008 - Open Day

Point 8: Ferney-Voltaire

Discover the LHC tunnel and the LHCb experiment, which will delve into the mysteries of antimatter. Antimatter, a "mirror" form of matter, must have been created in equal quantities to matter at the Birth of the Universe, but where has it gone?

Looking far away, the CAST expriment at the surface of P8 uses an LHC prototype magnet as a telescope to observe the sun. There, exotic particles called axions might be produced, and CAST is trying to find these particles that might make up the “dark matter” in the universe.


LHC tunnel and LHCb
There will be two guided tours, to the LHC tunnel and the LHCb detector, starting continuously from building 2855 (SD8) and 2885 (SX8) respectively.

Please get your free, numbered ticked from the Info Point at the entrance of the site. During the LHCb visit you will also be able to see the front of the DELPHI barrel, one of the experiments that was using the previous accelerator in the same tunnel, the LEP.

Please note the safety rules for access to the underground tunnel and caverns.

While waiting to descend to the LHCb experimental cavern, there will be a series of posters explaining the experiment and its detectors on display in  building 2885 (SX8) next to the elevator. A screen in the experimental control room will give you a presentation of simulated events, anticipating what the physicists expect to see once the LHC is turned on.
In the SD8 building (2855) you will also find an exhibition about the LHC dipoles, as well as a stand of the French Post office, where you can buy special CERN branded philatelic souvenirs.

You can also visit an exhibition about the “New messengers of the Universe” developed by ASPERA, the European network for astroparticle physics. To find out more about the Universe and its history, you can explore exiting questions in modern physics: What is the Universe made of? What is the nature of dark matter? Where do cosmic rays come from?

On the surface, you will also be able to visit CAST, and see the first LHC magnet prototype that is being used as a gigantic telescope to observe the sun for a couple of hours each day at sunrise and sunset. During the visit a CAST physicist will show you the experiment and explain the physics behind it. In addition you will also be able to see a small exhibition on the experiment.

Show Physics: Aarhus Physics Show
Participate in the ‘Human Chain’ experiment of the "Fysikshow Aarhus": By holding hands several people form a live wire through which an electric current flows. If this current is a musical signal you can check if everybody is holding hands by listening to the music. Other experiments will explain electrodynamics and thermodynamics.

Salle Le Levant
Please find below a schedule for talks about CERN in general and the LHCb experiment in particular, which will take place at the Salle le Levant.

At 15:05, Fred from “C'est pas sorcier” will make a stop in Ferney-Voltaire.


Talk about CERN and LHCb



Talk about CERN and LHCb



Talk about CERN and LHCb



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The Parking lots at the Leclerc Shopping Centre is in walking distance from P8.

If you have GPS, please check the GPS coordinates of the parkings.

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