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LHC 2008 - Open Day

Point 6: Versonnex, Collex-Bossy

Discover the LHC and its beam dump, a block of dense material that is capable of absorbing the particles if the beam becomes unstable. Keeping particles on course when they are travelling at the speed of light is no trivial matter. If the beam should become unstable, a system of magnets directs it towards this block of dense material ten metres long that is capable of absorbing it. On the surface, you will also be able to find out about the measures CERN has put in place to ensure safety and protect the environment.


LHC tunnel and Beam dump, environment and fire brigade
There will be one guided tour, to the LHC tunnel and the beam dump, starting continuously from  building 2655 (SD6). Please get your free, numbered ticked from the Info Point at P6. Please note the safety rules for access to the underground tunnel and caverns.
In the same building, there will be an exhibition about LHC milestones and you can take a close look at one of the LHC dipole magnets.

LHC and Environment
On the surface, you can find out about the measures CERN has put in place to ensure safety and protect the environment, with a game for children, animations and presentations.

Human beam dump game
Imagine you are a high energy proton traveling at almost the speed of light around the LHC ring. Suddenly you are rerouted, and in an instant smack headfirst into a mighty block of graphite. You’ve just arrived at Point 6: the beam dump. To experience a similar sensation, come to point 6 for the Open Day.  Thanks to Air Games France the ground level entertainments will include an inflatable “attrape mouche” (weather permitting). Dress up in a velcro costume, run towards the inflatable wall and “splat” be stopped in your tracks! 
(Participants must be 1.40m or taller).

In addition, the Fire Brigade museum in Gex, La Remise, will present a small exhibition showing the history of firefighting. You will be able to see a hand-driven pump, the mobile water pump of Versonnex and historic vehicules from 1926 to 1944.

Magical Physics
Above ground at Point 6 you’ll also find a strange double act: who would expect a magician and a physicist to be friends! Yet here they are wowing the crowd with the weird and wonderful world of liquid nitrogen. In this show, suitable for children, you will see tricks and experiments, you’ll be amazed and you may even learn something about the physics going on at CERN. If you’re lucky you may even get a tasty treat at the end…

Show Physics: Magical Physics & Aarhus Physics Show
Alternatively, you can participate in the ‘Human Chain’ experiment of the "Fysikshow Aarhus". By holding hands several people form a live wire through which an electric current flows. If this current is a musical signal you can check if everybody is holding hands by listening to the music. Other experiments will explain electrodynamics and thermodynamics.

Versonnex, Salle La Forge
At 15:00, the LHC project leader Lyn Evans (who lives in Vernonnex) will give a general presentation about CERN and the LHC (in french).

At 14:05, Fred from “C'est pas sorcier” will make a stop in Versonnex at the Salle La Forge.

Salle Communale Collex Bossy
Please find below a schedule for talks about CERN in general and the environment in particular, which will take place in the salle communale at Collex.


Talk about CERN and the environment (P. Vojtyla)



Talk about CERN and the environment (S. Kleiner)



Talk about CERN and the environment



Talk about CERN and the environment



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Shuttles to P6 are available from the Parking lots at the Salle Communal in Versonnex, the commune of Collex-Bossy (CH), the commune of Ornex, and the CERN Prevessin site.

If you have GPS, please check the GPS coordinates of the parkings.

Site plan and activities

Point 6