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LHC 2008 - Open Day

Point 1: Meyrin

Discover the LHC tunnel and ATLAS, the biggest experiment for basic science ever built, the height of a five-storey building and almost 50 metres in length. 1800 scientists from 64 different countries are involved in the experiment, whose goal is to penetrate many of the mysteries surrounding matter and the history of the Universe.

On the surface you can also visit the Globe of Science and Innovation, where you will find the Globeshow as well as an exhibition on the LHC.


Open Day flow control: see the current visitor flow situation at the different visit points.

Watch the live webcast of the show at the Globe of Science and Innovation

“Globe Show” for the Open Day will be on satellite!


LHC tunnel and ATLAS
There will be two guided tours, to the LHC tunnel (with a focus on magnet alignment) and to the ATLAS detector, starting continuously from the Info Point (reception for ATLAS and LHC P1) in the Globe garden, where you can also get your free, numbered ticked.

Please note the safety rules for access to the underground tunnel and caverns.

After the guided tours you will be taken to the “Café des Physiciens”, where you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions with CERN experts. There you will also find a shop so you can take home a souvenir of CERN.

On the surface, you can see the ATLAS control room and do a virtual visit of ATLAS together with a 3D-film in building 3182.

Please note that the ATLAS tour will also include a talk about a CERN in general and the ATLAS experiment in particular.

Physics is fun! If you don't believe this, you should come to the Globe, where you can find the Globeshow – or you can follow the show remotely from the other venues around the LHC, to where the show will be broadcast live on large screens at all queuing points.

Watch the live webcast of the show at the Globe of Science and Innovation!

The show will include the “Hadron Café”, where invited experts will discuss topics such as black holes, and “Show Physics”. If you don’t know what a Rubens tube is, come to the "Fizika Ekspres" and find out more about the properties of standing waves in this fantastic display of the visualisation of sound. Other experiments will demonstrate the power of light (which can drive a suspended fan), what a vacuum bazooka is and how wireless earphones work. There will also be the opportunity to learn about the history of science in Croatia.

The show on the first floor will last approximately 30 minutes and will run from 10:00 to 18:00. Please note that the audience is limited to about 200 people per half hour slot. The Show will take place alternatively in French and English.

On the ground floor of the Globe you'll find an exhibition about the LHC, from the first ideas more than 20 years ago to the engineering challenges posed by this gigantic installation. The Globe will also include a shop where you can buy special CERN souverniers and a stand of the Suisse Post office, selling CERN and LHC  branded philatelic souvenirs.   

Forum Meyrin (flyer)
In Forum Meyrin you will find a special exhibition on “Accelerating Nobels”, Nobel Prize winners who have contributed to the knowledge and know-how that made the LHC possible. Photographer Volker Steger took their portraits with a hand-drawn representation of their prize-winning discovery.

At 16:00 there will be a Round Table discussion with two Nobel Prize winners: Georg Bednorz, who shared the 1987 physics Nobel prize with Alex Müller for an important breakthrough in the discovery of superconductivity in ceramic materials, and Anthony Leggett, who was awarded the 2003 Nobel physics prize with Vitaly Ginzburg and Alexei Abrikosov for their pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids. The round table discussion of Professors Legget and Bednorz will be animated by Olivier Dessibourg, journalist with “Le Temps”. 

At 16:40, Fred from “C'est pas sorcier” will make a stop at Forumeyrin.


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Park & Ride

Public Transports TPG : Tram 14 and 16, astop Avanchet + bus 56 or bus Y.

TPG shuttles to P1 are available from the Parking lots at the Meyrin Centre Sportif, Centre Commercial/Forumeyrin, MediaMarkt and the new P&R on Route de Meyrin.