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LHC 2008 - Open Day
Meyrin Campus

CERN Meyrin

The large cross-border site opens its doors for you: Follow the magnets, find out about superconductivity, medical applications and computing, or have fun with the mini-Einstein workshops.


On its Meyrin site, CERN presents you with a wide range of activities, reflecting the range of science being researched:


Overview of all presentations
Presentations in the Main Auditorium and Council Chamber (500 and 503)
Presentations in Building 40.

Exhibition Microcosm (Building 143)
Cosmic rays, antiprotons, quarks and gluons... these are just some of the particles you'll discover in Microcosm! With hands-on experiments, models, videos and computer interactives, experience the CERN adventure in science.

Exhibitions and Presentations in the Main Building (Building 500)
In front of the Main Auditorium and the Coucil Chamber you will find two exhibitions:

Nursery - Mini-Einstein Workshop (Nursery Building 562)
The CERN nursery will be able to guard your small ones (aged 2-6 years) in 3 slots: 9:00-11:00, 11:30-13:30 and 14:00-16:00. Please obtain your ticket from one of the Info points in front of building 33. During their stay, the children will take part in the mini-Einstein workshops which were designed to teach the ABC of physics to the very young. Games and hands-on activities based on notions such as weight and waves will stimulate the children's curiosity and initiate them into the world of science.

Free tickets for the kindergarten can be taken at the decicated Info Point (sign TICKETS KINDERGARTEN) on the parking outside Building 33.

The Globe

The CERN acclerator chain

LHC Magnets

It's super(conductive) and cool!

CERN Computer Centre - Computing and the Grid  (Building 513 and 504-Restaurant2)
Once the LHC experiments start, they will produce more than 15 PB of data per year, equivalent to more than 3 million DVDs. To cope with this data deluge, CERN is one of the driving forces behind the Grid, which brings together more than 200 computer centres around the world. Take a tour of the CERN Computer Centre (building 513) with 20 000 processors and the huge magnetic tape storage tanks with capacities millions of GB each. Visit the Gridcafé across the road to find out more about this latest development in computing technology, examples of benefits that Grid can have on society, and see demos of Grid technology. Restaurant 2 will also offer a special Grid menu.

Don't miss the lectures in the Council Chamber, where Robert Cailliau will look back to the beginnings of the Web and François Grey will tell you more about the Grid, a global computer. 

Medical Applications Trail

For Kids

CERN Clubs

Shop (Building 33)
Take away a souvenir of your visit! The shop in CERN’s Reception hall is the ideal place to conclude your visit to the Laboratory. The shop stocks a wide range of exclusive souvenir items, some bearing the CERN logo, relating to physics in general and to particle physics or astrophysics in particular.

Forum Meyrin (flyer)
In Forum Meyrin you will find a special exhibition on “Accelerating Nobels”, Nobel Prize winners who have contributed to the knowledge and know-how that made the LHC possible. Photographer Volker Steger took their portraits with a hand-drawn representation of their prize-winning discovery.

At 10:00 there will be a Round Table discussion with two Nobel Prize winners: Georg Bednorz, who shared the 1987 physics Nobel prize with Alex Müller for an important breakthrough in the discovery of superconductivity in ceramic materials, and Anthony Leggett, who was awarded the 2003 Nobel physics prize with Vitaly Ginzburg and Alexei Abrikosov for their pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids. The round table discussion of Professors Legget and Bednorz will be animated by Olivier Dessibourg, journalist with “Le Temps”. 

At 16:40, Fred from “C'est pas sorcier” will make a stop at Forum Meyrin.



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Parkings & Transports

Parkings at the entrance of the Meyrin campus

Public Transports TPG : Tram 14 and 16, astop Avanchet + bus 56 or bus Y.

Parking (special TPG shuttles available): Centre sportif municipal, Mairie, Centre commercial Meyrin, MediaMarkt, P&R Route de Meyrin.